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Updated: Aug 23, 2023

We business owners, we want so much to succeed, have impact, and earn more, that sometimes, when faced with an important decision, we embrace the YES. We let our heady excitement fuel our action. We leap before we look.

I’m here to say: PAUSE.

Once, a client called me, let’s call her Beth and let’s say she’s a ballet teacher. Our work together led her to this moment where she was taking giant steps forward in her business.

She called me to discuss an amazing opportunity: she’d met a business coach who only works with ballet teachers. Beth was super-excited to get industry-specific advice on how to create, price, and offer packages that would transform her business - although she was somewhat concerned about the cost. What did I think?

First of all, I asked her to breathe slowly and deeply… because this update was delivered with breathless excitement and nervous energy in the form of a five-minute run-on sentence.

Once Beth was breathing slowly and deeply, I said “Let’s say, just for this moment, that money is not an issue. Today, you have a vision for your successful business. What support do you need most in order to achieve that?"

[Friendly aside: any answer here is possible, and every answer offers enlightenment, including “I don’t know.”]

The answer she gave offered her amazing insight in her decision making.

But the most important step she took for her success that day was to PAUSE, and call someone to talk it out.

Sometimes it’s so tempting to say YES! I accept that free ticket to a conference, that eager client, that paid mastermind with someone I admire! But if you’re filled with niggling doubts or an unnatural buzz of over-excitement, then first, PAUSE.

Describe your dilemma to someone who will listen, reflect it back to you, and ask you what you think. Or sit and meditate. Or go and dance! Pause in the way that is best for you. Stay aligned with your mission. Be intentional. Use the pause to make powerful decisions.

Peace out.


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