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Updated: Aug 23, 2023

Do you sometimes feel like you're surrounded by friends, colleagues, and business leaders assuring you that your business needs this THING?

You NEED to earn multiple 6-figures. You NEED to write a book. You NEED to teach others to do what you do. You NEED to monetize that side-hustle. You NEED to scale.

Newsflash: You. Do. Not. Need.

You can! You may! If it thrills you, go for it!

If what you have right now is enough for right now, or the ways in which you want to grow are already in place - then exhale. You've got this. You're already doing it.

There's no need to go chase the next big thing if you're not even sure you want the next big thing.

It's fabulous to be ambitious! To strive! Wanting more and working for more is glorious! Unless you don't want it. Unless what you've got right now is its own definition of abundance.

So with this - as with everything - PAUSE.

Take some time and space to doodle, walk barefoot on the ground, sing out loud. Figure out what YOU want for your business and your life, YOUR idea of balance, YOUR dream. And do that.


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