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Updated: Jun 22, 2023

Quick question: what happens after your potential new client reaches out to you?

Let's imagine it from their perspective.

They've been thinking about calling you for weeks or months.

They follow you, invisibly, on social media.

They can't tell if the pain, struggle, or frustration they are in really deserves to invested in - surely they can figure this out for themselves?

They look for solutions all over the internet, and by talking to friends and colleagues, and inside books. They are FINDING solutions, which is awesome. But they're not exactly right for THEIR situation. Or, the solutions really ARE perfect, but they're having trouble implementing. Or, the solutions take the edge off, but don't go the full distance. Or, SOMETHING. Something that makes them wonder about meeting with you, still.

One fine day, you say something and it resonates, like WOW. Or they wake up and just cannot stand to maintain the status quo for one more second.

And they reach out to you. Maybe it feels brave to them, maybe it feels foolhardy, maybe it feels exciting, or all three at once.

This person, this human being with tons of experience, and wisdom, and emotion, chose YOU to be their touchstone that day.

What happens next?

- - -

Well, it better be GOOD, because how you welcome in your clients sets the tone for the rest of your work, both for you and for them. So here's a quick checklist.

How do you make it easy for them to know how they can work with you BEFORE they even reach out?

How do you guide them to take the action you want them to? (schedule a chat, download the ebook, complete the application, or whatever is best for you.)

How do you make it easy for them to schedule a meeting with you?

How do you collect information from them before you meet, so you can address their needs properly?

How do you make it easy for them find you for that meeting? (Got a tricky address that deserves actual directions? Do you send them a Zoom link?)

How do you prepare for your intake call?

How do you LISTEN DEEPLY during your call so you can focus on the person in front of you?

How do you clearly describe what you can offer them?

How do you explain that you are not the right address after all, and want to refer them to a colleague?

How do you follow up after the call, in a way that is professional and genuinely helpful?

Get in your client's space, and imagine the experience entirely from their perspective. Create a path for them that feels the most genuinely helpful and the most professional. And keep overdelivering, in politeness, compassion, and in how you can serve them.

Because, at the end of the day, your client is the only part of your business that matters.


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