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Updated: Aug 23, 2023

It’s got this woo woo vibe but here’s what it really means: figure out what you want and then DO. THE. FUCKING. WORK. The woo woo bit of manifestation is the belief that the energy of your action inspires the universe to support you in your efforts. Well, maybe it does, maybe it doesn't. To be honest, with my clients, I’ve seen MAGIC happening. Stuff I call “seeing behind the curtain.” It’s an absolute honour and privilege to witness those moments of alignment that bring about my clients’ highest, most joyful energy. Like, it LOOKS like the universe is happily pulling strings to make it all happen. But I ain’t making promises about what the universe is or isn’t up to. What I DO promise you is this. When you focus, like, 200% focus, on what’s important to you: your mindset shifts, you get more creative, you find more solutions, and you achieve your goals faster. And here’s how to do it. Shev’s Down To Earth Guide to Manifestation: 1. Figure out what you want to achieve. 2. Make the decision to COMMIT to achieving it. 3. Work really fucking hard at achieving it. "Working at it" will include some typical stuff: • Research the best way to achieve your goal. • Create a to-do list and put it in order of priority. • Figure out what you can do yourself and what you prefer to outsource. • Do the stuff, check it off that list, and make a new list for the next stuff. AND some right-brained stuff and some body-connected stuff that will energise your brain in fresh ways: • Meditate on your goals at night before you go to sleep. • Write your goals in the steam on the shower door every morning. • Open your arms wide as you confidently and happily affirm your goals out loud. • Stick post-it notes all over your screen, your fridge, and your bathroom door that remind you what you’re working towards. • Turn your phone screen saver into an image of your goals. • Or something else altogether that brings you joy! Go manifest. Or make stuff happen. Whatever you want to call it. Decide and commit. Take action. And surround yourself with confirmation and inspiration All Freaking Day Long.

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